iamalexasara asked: So I just read "Only You" and that ending was like soooo perfect!!! thing is that every story does not have a happy ending and your writing is brilliant!!!!!!

Hello dear! 

I’m so glad you liked Only You! It was definitely a little bit different then what I’ve written in the past, and I’m pleased as punch that it’s gotten the response that it has! 

I agree with you-stories don’t always have happy endings and,when the story compels me to, I write not so happy scenarios. I write realistic fiction-I draw inspiration from real life and sometimes, sad/bad things happen.. 

BUT! I’ve actually started writing a second (possible third?) part to this Only You, anddd maybe, just maybe, some happier times are ahead! 

Thank you for your kind words dear. I’m truly touched :)

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Anonymous asked: Hi lovely! Wow that previw was ameazing with so much intrigue.... when do you will update? Xx

Hello dear! 

I’m glad you enjoyed the preview! I hope to have the full chapter up sometime during this week and earlier then Sunday. But I’m only working 4 days this week, and I was still scheduled for 35 hours… 

But I’ll stay up late, wake up early and squeeze in as much writing as I can! :)

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"Walk With You" An Elounor Fanfic: Ch. 17-PREVIEW

A/N: Hello friends! Sorry I wasn’t able to update the new chapter this week, but here’s a little sneak peak of what’s in store for the new chapter! 

Please read and enjoy this tidbit! :) 

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Anonymous asked: Babe the new chapter of WWY was so good it made me cry! I can't wait yet I'm dreading the conclusion to the story:) after WWY what's next?

Hellooo Buttercup! 

Sigh….there are some really heavy chapters in WWY, yes. I still feel guilty every time one of yas say I almost or did make you cry.. 

This one does have a happy ending, though some struggles are going to have to happen first before the rainbows and sprinkles and confetti happen!

Now, after WWY,  I have a few things I’m working on.

  • A Knight’s Tale (chaptered-and will have a two parts/books to it)
  • The Second one-shot to Only You (which will be muchhh longer then OY). I’ve already started on it! 
  • And a high school AU (why not?) Where Louis’ a punk, Eleanor’s a diva-ish bitch (in the beginning), and it will feature my first gay couple with the pairing of Harry and Liam together, because, I loveee Lirry so much! 

Those are some things I’m working on now. They might change here and there, but these ideas are for sure a go…at some point. :)

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"Somewhere Only We Know" An Elounor Fanfic: Ch. 26

A/N: Hello my loves! Here’s chapter 26! 

Please read and enjoy! :)

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Hey My Fellow Lovers!


So, I’m going on vacation up to the Upper Peninsula from now until Wednesday!

So, I’m leaving this blog in the trusty hands of my bestie from Philly-Lexi!

 I trust her completely so be nice to her guys!

I’ll see y’all later! :)


 -Katelyn :)

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Louis and Eleanor at Jay’s wedding, 20.07


Louis and Eleanor at Jay’s wedding, 20.07

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"Walk With You" An Elounor Fanfic: Ch. 16 


Sorry to those who messaged me asking if I was updating today. But mums the word :) Here’s chapter 16! 


Please read and enjoy! :) 

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Anonymous asked: Can I ask you if there is a happy or a sad the end??:)

Hello anon dear! 

There is a happy ending, but there’s a lot of things Louis and Eleanor go through between now and the end… 

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