Anonymous asked: I love so much the 10 charper, was just amazing!! When the 11 charper?xx

Hello dear! 

The new chapter will be posted by Sunday, but keep your eyes pealed: I might update earlier! :) 

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Anonymous asked: Ahhhhh!!!!! That was such a good chapter!! OH MY GOD! Every time I read a chapter I always think that it could make a brilliant movie! It was so GOOOD!




Haha, thank you hun! I’m really glad you liked the chapter! :)

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"Walk With You" An Elounor Fanfic: Chapter 10 

A/N: Hiya! Here’s chapter 10! 

Please read and enjoy! 

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Are you updating WWY Sunday?

Hello doll! 

YES! I am updating WWY on Sunday-like early afternoon EST!! 

I’m writing it now and-phew, the feels are intense! I hope you’ll be ready! ;) 

*dis b u after reading it* 

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Anonymous asked: I was an emotional mess reading WWY. I really can't stand Harry right now. And awwwww Louis. I cried with El when she cried, I was pissed off at Harry, and I smiled like an idiot when Louis stayed and visited Olivia. OMG I swear I must look like a crazy person right now. The ending was so beautiful. I had to stop and take a break because I was so emotional. Too many feels in this chapter. Why do you do this to me? I was just..emotionally unstable. But seriously I love this chapter. 

Hello babes! 

Aw, thank you dear! I’m deeply touched that WWY means so much to you and that you have a deep connection to it and the characters. Part of me will always feel bad when i hear you guys cry over my writings, but at the end of the day, that’s why I write: to tell a story and to provoke emotion to make it relatable. 

Yeah, Harry’s not the best character in WWY. But, there’s Louis-and he’s just kinda being amazing, so. It makes up for Harry, haha! 

I hope you like the next chapter dear! LOTS of feels ahead! ;) 

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"Somewhere Only We Know" An Elounor Fanfic: Ch. 21 pt. 1

A/N: Please read and enjoy! :) 


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"Somewhere Only We Know" An Elounor Fanfic: Chapter 20

A/N: Please read and enjoy. :) 

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"A Knight’s Tale" An Elounor Fanfic Preview!



Sir Louis Tomlinson is the head Knight under Prince (soon to be King) Liam’s reign in the ancient country of Zendia.

Betrothed at birth, Liam is set to marry Princess Eleanor of Verona after his twentieth birthday.

All Louis has to do is go to Verona and bring the Princess to her husband-to-be safely and without getting himself attached to her. Simple enough.

Fate has other things in mind. 


A/N: Hi! Lexi gave me the idea to give you all more of a nibble of AKT! Here’s another preview and you can find the other previews I posted under my AKT tag! 

Please read and enjoy! :) 

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Do any of you guys what me to post a preview for the next chapter of WWY??? 

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Anonymous asked: Just when I thought your stories couldn't get any better you go and write that chapter I don't even know what to say! It was brilliant! Everything was so well written... Well all of your stories are but still that was just beautiful! Thank you for writing these stories! They always make my day and in sure the same goes rest of your followers :) xx I'm sammy by the way :)

Greeting’s Sammy! :) 

This made my heart melt, thank you love. I gain so much by writing, and I’m glad that it makes you and so many other people feel the same way. 

I’ve been waiting the write that chapter, the chapter I’m currently writing and future chapters for soo long, and I’m glad you liked it dear! 

Thank you for being an avid reader and for taking time out of your own life to read my stories. Words could never express my gratitude. :)  

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